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O.M.I. Myanmar

We are excited to present to you O.M.I. Myanmar, a dynamic ministry led by Evangelist Lian Hlun, serving the global community of Burmese people in every country they reside. This ministry is dedicated to sharing the love of Christ and empowering individuals to discover their true identity and purpose.

In Myanmar, Minister Vanzamung, the national director, leads a team of passionate individuals committed to making a difference. Pastor Chawn, a beacon of hope, has dedicated his life to rescuing orphans from the clutches of death, providing them with shelter, education, and a loving environment. Pastor Tawk tirelessly travels across the entire country, conducting Bible studies and nurturing a deep understanding of God’s Word among the Burmese people.

The Burmese community, scattered across the globe, often faces unique challenges as they adapt to new cultures and face language barriers. O.M.I. Myanmar serves as a vital support system, offering spiritual guidance, practical assistance, and a sense of belonging. By providing resources, training, and pastoral care, this ministry empowers individuals to thrive in their new environments while staying rooted in their faith.

Your generous contribution will directly impact O.M.I. Myanmar’s mission to empower and transform lives. Your support will enable them to expand their reach, provide essential resources for Bible studies and discipleship programs, and offer practical assistance to those in need. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of the Burmese community worldwide.

Join us in empowering hope and transformation by donating to our general fund today.  Together, we can shine a light of love and grace into the lives of the Burmese people, uplifting them and providing them with the tools they need to thrive.

Thank you for your generosity and belief in the power of community and faith to transform lives. With your support, O.M.I. Myanmar will continue to make an incredible impact in the lives of Burmese people around the world.


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Your donation to our general fund helps us keep our ministry strong. It enables us to use the funds where it’s needed most. From helping orphans to keeping our missionaries fed, every dollar helps!  If you would like to give to a specific cause, use the donate options in the menu bar above. 

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