Community initiatives that stimulate personal growth and self-reliance.

We do more than just religious work...

Our Global Community Initiative (GCI) focuses on helping people groups that struggle with social and economic injustices by providing a non-sectarian nurturing environment in which at-risk families and youth can engage in self-enrichment activities that stimulate personal growth and self-reliance. Click here to download Program Overview

Global Community Initiatives

Improving lives around the world

Strength International

Jacksonville, fl

Strength International is a ministry division of O.M.I. International that provides licensed mental services and emotional support to families, missionaries, teams, and organizations to effectively equip them to function in all areas of their ministries and communities.

Love In A Big World

Nashville, tn

Is part of the OMI community partnership. Their mission is to empower kids, families and communities through character education, healthy habits, social responsibility and FUN! We have reached over 500 schools across America.

STEAM Programs

US, Mexico, Colombia

An OMI International program that provides community-wide educational and cultural enrichment opportunities that stimulate personal growth and self-reliance . Over 3,000 children and youth have been impacted by our programs. 

Health & Nutrition Brigade

US & Mexico

An OMI International program that provides funding to low income and special needs students who are attending a private school that does not offer a free lunch program. We want to ensure that these kids have the funds to purchase a healthy lunch.

Veterans NexCare

North America

An OMI Global Outreach program founded in 2022,  based in Jacksonville Florida working to address the needs of veterans who are suffering from traumatic noise exposure. Even though we are based in Jacksonville Florida, any veteran residing within the continental US can seek our services and support.

Specialty Job Training

US, Cyprus

An OMI International program that provides access to work-ready certification programs for minorities, veterans, women, and individuals with learning disabilities that will open up opportunities for them to attain jobs or start their own business.

Program Partners and Sponsors

Thank you to the businesses and organizations that support building resilient communities.