Understanding the power of partnership.

When you become part of O.M.I. International, you will soon realize that you have become part of a large family of Godly men and women who are dedicated to your success. Unlike other associations, our members do not compete against one another, rather we aid and support one another. We fully understand that your success is our success.

We Are Always With You

We want you to understand that you cannot do the work of the ministry alone. The Bible teaches us that as His Body, we are fitly joined together to supply needs to the various parts. When you partner with us, you will become part of a life-giving network of ministers who are dedicated to the health and growth of the Body of Christ.

Who can join?

We accept men, women, and church organizations from every nation, tribe, and tongue. We believe that God is absolutely Sovereign, and He will use whomever He pleases to accomplish His mission.

What Is Required?

  1. Have the call of God to the ministry.
  2. Complete the online Application.
  3. Sign and abide by the O.M.I. International Agreement.
  4. Watch the International Leadership Training Video and pass the examination.

Joining Us Is Easy!

When you partner with us, you are agreeing to give $25 a month towards the work of the ministry. We believe that as your ministry grows, you will be blessed by God to give more towards His mission.
Membership Dues
$ 25 Per Month

Already A Member?

If you are already a member, and have not signed up to automatically pay your dues each month, or maybe you need to update your payment preference,  just click the BLUE button to start paying your dues. (Note: Dues are non-refundable.)