We are an interdenominational association of churches, ministries, and ministers.
Our mission is to equip, send, and support the work of the Gospel.

Equipping Those Called By God.

We are a compassionate and enthusiastic group of individuals who have been called and equipped by God to take the Gospel of Christ to the nations.

Sending People Who Care.

We are God’s vessels. We are His hands and feet upon the earth. We willingly submit ourselves to be used by His Holy Spirit to reach and assist those in need.

Supporting With Our Resources.

Giving is in our DNA. Christ gave, therefore we give. We give of our time, talent, and finances with joy because we know that we shall receive a greater reward.

We do more than just religious work.

Non-religious Community Partnerships

We partner with local governments and other non-religious organizations to deliver non-sectarian outreach programs that target communities that struggle with social and economic injustices.

Non-religious Educational Programs

Our Community Diversity Education Program (CDEP) provides a nurturing environment in which families and youth can engage in self-enrichment activities that stimulate personal growth and self-reliance.

We are dedicated to your success.

Pastor Todd Seay
Midwest Ministry Facilitator
Rev. Kendrix Jefferson
Director of Field Services
Pastor Tom Constantini
O.M.I. France 
Tamara Fyke, M.A.
President, Love In A Big World
Rev. Jason Wilson
Ordained Minister
Rev. Lian Hlun
Elder Charles Scott
Urban Outreach Coordinator 
Lorie Gordon
Human Resource Specialist
Rev. Rafielle Usher, M.A.
International President
Rev. Policarpo Cruz
Vice President, O.M.I. Mexico 
Rev. Tony Dodd
Vice President, Senior Chaplain