About Us

OMI Global Outreach is an association of churches, ministries, and ministers who care about serving their community and fulfilling their God given mission. Since 2008, OMI has launched operations in seven countries, and has grown to over 2,000 members. We are known for our superb Bible teaching abilities, and our creative community programs.

Diversity is our Strength.

OMI Global Outreach is interdenominational and multinational. We are comprised of Baptists, Reformed, Pentecostals, and other independent evangelical groups from various ethnic and racial backgrounds. We are well-educated in all aspects of evangelical theological points of views. Our goal is to present Biblical truths in a theologically respectful and sound manner. This means when we assist a church in our network,  we will not teach anything contrary to the church’s theological stance. Our goal is not to make churches conform to what we believe, rather our goal is to help the local church produce a more mature spiritual believer.

Working together to achieve a common goal.

What makes us unique?

Unlike other associations, we all work together to achieve a common goal. We recognize that each individual has unique gifts, and talents and skills, and we pool our resources to ensure the success of the members in our network. We fully understand that if our members succeed, we all succeed. Collaboration and partnership is key.

OMI Global Outreach is safe place for those who understand that greatness is not achieved by surrounding yourself with others like you, nor is it achieved by being alone. Greatness is achieved when you surround yourself with those who are not like you, and who will challenge you to see things differently. Our diversity, is our strength. Our diversity is the key to your success.

Giving is in our DNA.

OMI Global Outreach is recognized as a governing body which can grant tax exemption to organizations willing to serve under our umbrella. To date, we have helped launch numerous programs aimed at meeting both the physical needs and spiritual needs of individuals and communities all around the world. Remember, our goal is never to control, dominate, or manipulate. Rather, our goal is to equip, send, and support. Remember, our DNA is giving. Everyone who serves with us must have the heart of a giver. We give because Christ gave.