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Missions Driven: South Africa

Join us in supporting C.J., a remarkable individual who has made a profound impact on the lives of urban youth in Jacksonville. With a heart full of compassion and a relentless drive for change, C.J. has dedicated her time and talents to empowering these young individuals, instilling hope, and fostering a brighter future. She has consistently gone above and beyond, organizing mentorship programs, educational initiatives, and recreational activities that have transformed the lives of countless young people.

But C.J.’s remarkable work doesn’t stop there. She has also extended her passion and expertise to uplift special needs youth, creating inclusive spaces and providing them with the support they deserve. Her dedication to ensuring that every child, regardless of their abilities, feels valued and included has touched the lives of families and communities alike.

Now, C.J. is embarking on an extraordinary journey. She has been called to serve as a missionary in South Africa, where she plans to continue her impactful work, touching the lives of even more children and families. However, she cannot do it alone. To make her mission a reality, C.J. needs your financial support. Your generous contributions will help cover travel expenses, accommodation, and support the programs she plans to initiate in South Africa, enabling her to bring hope, love, and positive change to the lives of countless individuals who need it the most.

Together, let’s rally behind C.J., a talented worship leader, compassionate mentor, and relentless advocate for change. Your support will not only enable her to fulfill her calling but also create a lasting impact on the lives of those she serves. Join us today and be a part of this incredible journey of transformation and empowerment. Donate now and help C.J. make a difference in South Africa.

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