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The Growth of God's Kingom Starts with You!

Boldly reaching communities around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

We are united in purpose to partner with, equip, and mobilize pastors, churches, and communities to go into all the world, save the lost, and make disciples.

Our Goals

We want to see pastors teach sound doctrine and serve with confidence. We want to see churches filled with spiritually mature believers. We want to see entire communities around the world serving Christ.

Our Objectives

To train and assist pastors through coaching or mentoring. To grow spiritually mature believers to be leaders in the Body through specialized trainings. To reach the local community and the world for Christ through targeted outreach programs.


Anyone interested in receiving services or joining OMI International, must sign and abide by the OMI International Agreement.. We will also provide you with opportunities to receive specialized trainings either directly or through our partnerships with local church organizatons. 

Sign the OMI International Agreement.

The first step to take in order to qualify for membership or receive our services, is to fill-out the online application, and sign the OMI International agreement.

Take th ILTV Test

The second step to take in order to qualify for membership is to take and pass the International Leadership Training Video (ILTV) Test. This is a 33 minute video that explains in detail what we do, and how we do it.

Schedule Your Interview

The third step to take in order to qualify for membership is to schedule an interview with an OMI International representative. The interview must be done in person. This may require you to travel at your own expense.

Membership Benefits

*Some services may have additional requirements.

Financial Services

Donation Processing.
Free Bank Account.
Free CPA*.

Free Website

Free OMIGO fundraising website and blog.

Free Software

Free Apple, Windows, and Android software.

Ministry Ordination 

Qualifying members can obtain ordination and licensure for the ministry.

Free Marketing 

Free internet advertising and discount video production services.


One of the requirements to qualify for membersip is that you take the ILTV test. Click the button below to choose which answer sheet you would like to submit.