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Boldy Reaching Communities Around The World With The Gospel Of Christ.

We Train...

For over 15 years OMI International has provided ministry leaders with effective educational services.

Training Services

Our training services provide leaders with the knowledge needed to become more effective Bible teachers in their church and community.

Coaching Services

Our coaching services help experienced ministers to achieve their ministry goals by providing a framework for leaders to discover for themselves what God wants them to do, and then holding them accountable for following through with what God said. 

Mentoring Services

Our Mentoring services helps guide younger ministry leaders through the complicated process of servant leadership. We provide specific boundaries and guidelines that help keep young leaders focused on the path of success.

We Grow...

OMI International partners with local organizations and churches to help them grow both spiritually and numerically by providing specialized training classes.

Church Revitalization Assistance

We help churches experience rapid sustainable new growth by providing a five-hour intensive training course that helps churches learn new methods of effectively engaging their communities for Christ.

Leadership Training

We provide both a Christian-based and non-religious leadership training course in which we assess leadership styles, traits, and multiple intelligence.

We Reach...

The OMI International team strategically reaches and connects communities to the local church through our outreach services.

Speak English Now! ESL Classes

Our beginner 24-lesson English course for children. The course provides tools to develop basic speaking, listening, writing and reading abilities.

Christian Values

Our children’s discipleship coloring workbook is aimed at teaching children how to live the Christian life on a daily basis.

Sports and Creative Arts Camps

Our camps are designed to expose youth to activities that they would otherwise not be able to afford.

Missions Exepeditions

Our 10-day program for church groups to go and do evangelistic work in Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, France, Haiti, Mexico, Philippines, and many other locations.