We bring hope.

Reaching Communities With The Gospel Of Christ.

O.M.I. International is an interdenominational association of churches, ministries, ministers. Our mission is to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this by conducting evangelistic crusades, establishing churches, and assisting pastors with continuing educational services.

We also partner with local governments to deliver non-sectarian community outreach programs that target communities that struggle with social and economic injustices.

In order for us to do our job effectively, we provide specialized trainings, we send volunteers to serve and assist in community outreach efforts, and we provide support to those who need our help. (See more details below.)

We Train...

For over 15 years, OMI International has provided communities with effective religious and non-religious educational services.

Specialized Trainings

Establishing Churches • Leadership Development • Pastoral Care • Missions Training • Community and Family Discipleship • Evangelism Programs • Church Revitalization

Speak English Now! ESL Classes

Our beginner 24-lesson English course for children. The course provides tools to develop basic speaking, listening, writing and reading abilities.

Community Diversity Education Program

Our Community Diversity Education Program (CDEP) provides educational programs that are aimed at exposing the community to ideologies and activities that are usually not accessable or common within their community.

Field Service

We provide aspiring missionaries with a 10-day missions training program in which they can gain hands-on missionary experience. 

We Send...

OMI International partners with local churches and our Safe-Church Network to commission and send missionaries to the mission field.

Plant A New Work

We give you the freedom to hear from God, and obey His call upon your life by supporting you in your efforts to plant a new work in the location of your choice.

Partner With An Existing OMI Work

We have an extensive number of churches in our global network that you can choose from to partner with ether on a short-term or long-term basis. 

Partner With a Non OMI Work

We support you in your effort to find a good place for you to plug-in and be used by God, even if it is with another organization.

We Support...

We provide pastors, missionaries, and community services workers with specialized supportive services that help ensure the spiritual and financial success of their work.

Financial Services

Donation processing 
Free bank account*
Free CPA assistance*

Free Website

We give you a professional website  that includes a donor database .

Free Software

We give you access to free software so that you can be more productive.

Free Marketing

Our professional marketing team helps you spread the word about your ministry. 

Special Services

Retirement and Medical*
Travel benefits
Education assistance

*Some services may have additional requirements.