We do more than just religious work.

Non-religious Educational Programs

Our Community Diversity Enrichment Programs (CDEP) provide a nurturing environment in which families and youth can engage in self-enrichment activities that stimulate personal growth and self-reliance. Click here to download Program Overview

Non-religious Community Partnerships

We partner with local governments and other non-religious organizations to deliver non-sectarian outreach programs that target communities that struggle with social and economic injustices.
Love In A Big World
Is part of the OMI community partnership. Their mission is to empower kids, families and communities through character education, healthy habits, social responsibility and FUN! We have reached over 500 schools across America
Take Cover Leadership
We are a program of OMI International. Our mission is to produce thriving productive cohesive communities that contribute to the healthy growth of their city. We serve mostly communities located in urban Jacksonville, Florida.
C.D.E. Programs
An OMI International program that provides community-wide educational and cultural enrichment opportunities that stimulate personal growth and self-reliance . Over 3,000 children and youth have been impacted by our programs.
We are an educational affiliate of OMI International that provide veterans, at-risk youth, and young people with educational disabilities with technological training and job placement.
Health and Nutrition Brigade
An OMI International program that provides funding to low income and special needs students who are attending a private school that do not offer a free lunch program. We want to ensure that these kids have the funds to purchase a healthy lunch.
Housing Assistance Program
An OMI International program that offers financial assistance to vets and low income families who work primarily for nonprofit organizations. We help to ensure that good hardworking dedicated people don't end up homeless because of the lack of affordable housing in their community.
Strength International
Strength International is a ministry division of O.M.I. International that provides licensed mental services and emotional support to missionaries, their families, teams and organizations to effectively equip them to function in all areas of their ministries and communities.
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