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  • racist-gay

    NYU Scientific Study Proves No One Is Born “That” Way.

    In our culture, we have to come to grips with a few facts concerning our humanity. The first fact that we have to deal with is that by our very nature, we are born with an innate ability to learn … Read more →

  • not_afraid_by_shoothead_at_flickr

    Meditation on Mission Strategies

    I found a paper discussing “how the various churches in Asia are trying to do missions to reap the harvest in partnership with the global church in our respective neighborhoods and countries.”   It is written by a brother from the Philippines, … Read more →

  • rabbit

    Do You Feel Like You Missed God?

    Have you ever traveled within a foreign country, and tried to find a location using the road map? Have you ever gotten LOST? Many times as we travel on this road of life, we tend to make wrong turns, and end … Read more →